45 - 60

minutes exercise duration recommended daily

Fitness – the foundation of health

Many so-called affluence diseases have little to do with affluence – at best with inertia. Certain cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and select cancers are found conspicuously often in the so-called developed World. Many of these diseases are foreign to the highlands of Tibet, for example. Nutritional science is on the search for the causes of this.
Fact is: Health begins with exercise. The famous saying “movement is life” is more relevant today than ever before. We support you on your way to well-being. So that diseases of affluence have as few chance as possible.

This is how you get fit quickly (again)

We’ll take a look at where you currently stand in terms of fitness. Nutrition, metabolism, blood count, circulation. Based on your personal values, we will make a recommendation on how you can: maintain, increase or regain your fitness – depending on your situation.
In our fitness recommendations we place great value on medical precision. It is our concern to eliminate the widespread misconceptions about fitness and health and replace them with profound information

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