Wir empfehlen keine kargen Diäten, sondern eine ausgewogene Ernährung

We do not recommend a meagre, but a balanced diet

Nutrition and nutritional advice

Our nutritional advice aims to help people find a responsible approach to food and enjoyment. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is a strengths. That is why nutritional counselling for us belongs to the broader topic of personal resourcing.
This is not primarily about losing weight. It is about building a sustainable and healthy relationship to eating.

Why we do not talk to you about losing weight

Overweight: Those who suffer from a large waist know perfectly well that this is neither pleasant nor healthy.

For this reason alone, we are not the chastising doctors who prescribe their patients one diet after another. The success and failure of strict diets is well known. From frustration eating to the yo-yo effect, there are many reasons against a classical diet.

Healthy eating means joyful living

German health insurance companies have offered special disease management programs (DMP) since 2002. The focus here is not on curing a disease. DMPs are structured
Treatment programmes for chronically ill people to maintain and improve their quality of life – also known as “chronic care programmes”.
As part of a DMP, we offer regular appointments at Facharztzentrum International – also with regard to nutrition. Our recommendations regarding DMPs include:

Nutrition counselling is also life counselling

What will you eat in two months, and what will you eat in two years? Good nutritional advice keeps the long term perspective in mind. It is important to change the way you shop, cook and enjoy food to make healthy eating a matter of course. If this is achieved one will no longer need to look at packaging or study calorie tables, nor will there be a need to keep lists and deny oneself valuable, enjoyable food.
Together, we will review your current eating habits and we will find a way to reconcile health and pleasure. In many cases, it is not even necessary (and rarely healthy or practical) to force a radical change. If you know what to focus on, you will find it easy to eat well.
Incidentally, weight loss comes as a natural side effect of a balanced, enjoyable diet.
This is why we do not talk to our patients about losing weight.
We talk about attractive invitations to the body to prepare for good times in trusting cooperation with mind and emotions.

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