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Salutogenesis is the science of becoming healthy. It is different from pathogenesis, which analyses the causes of diseases. In professional, orthodox medical analyses, the collection of the pathology is essential; however, in cases in which doctors cannot find any organic causes, but patients still report dizziness, headaches or poor sleep (psychosomatics), salutogenesis is an excellent approach.

Find out what is important to us – and what (only) at first glance might seem like a contradiction:

We want to earn money with health

If you look at the job description of a doctor, you might think: doctors are paid for illness. One could also come up with the idea that prevention of illness would harm the business of the doctor.

We see it differently. We want to earn our doctor’s fee by helping our patients become and remain healthy in the long run.

This requires that we regularly see the people who place their trust in us for preventive medical checkups. Even if they are not seeking active treatment, but are healthy people. Read more about the options for medical checkups here.

Central salutogenesis question:

There is a central health issue in the concept of salutogenesis. This central question has to do with our attitude. We do not (only) ask ourselves: What made this person become ill? We ask ourselves together with the sick person:

What will make you get and stay well?

Hippocrates said that people are ill because they stupidly do many things that prevent them from getting well.

So we keep on asking questions like:

  • What makes you get well?
  • How can you infect yourself and others with health?
Health, Stress, and Coping

Health, Stress, and Coping, Aaron Antonovsky

Israeli social scientist Aaron Antonovsky achieved international fame when his salutogenesis concept turned many assumptions that had been taken for granted in medicine until the late 1970 upside down. Antonovsky proposed asking the question “what makes and keeps people healthy?”

This question inevitably leads to a spontaneous inner search process in every person. Attention is focused on the health-promoting circumstances. And this is a decisive step towards recovery.

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