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7 h

On average, people need 7 hours of sleep

Loud snoring, nocturnal apnea?

Using the most modern and up to date mobile sleep diagnostics we at the Facharztzentrum International can provide clarity and recommend and implement early interventions:

  • Are you feeling exhausted in the mornings?
  • Does your partner complain about sleepless nights caused by your loud snoring?
  • Are you tired or irritable during the day?
  • Do you yawn often or fall asleep for seconds during the day?
  • Have you been gaining weight for some time but can’t find an explanation?
  • Does your blood pressure fluctuate for no reason?

Let us carry out a mobile sleep analysis and find out if you are suffering from nocturnal apnea? Medically this is known as sleep apnea and the associated effects are known as the sleep apnea syndrome.
Sleep apnea is usually associated with loud snoring, interrupted by breathing stoppages of varying lengths. Our mobile sleep diagnostic equipment allows for a first, non-invasive and simple examination in the comfort of your bedroom. A single night is enough to determine if and how best to examine and treat a patient.
A good night’s rest is not just a luxury but essential for good health.

Schlecht geschlafen Schlafapnoe

Healthy sleep is not just a comfort factor; it is vital

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